June 29, 2012

The Behbes

My younger sister was the last of her friends to have children. Meanwhile none of my friends had kids. I thought I just had the types of friends that didn't have kids, but the spell has been broken, and now most of my friends have kids.

Babies are big these days.  Ha ha. Bad pun. They're "in", I should say.

Here's a little post to show some of them. Missing from this edition of recently-seen-babies is Theo of Derrick & Shana.
Aria's parents (she's hiding up there in the swaddling).
Me 'n' Aria
Missy and Flex now have 3 yr old Cole and 6 month old twins Isaac and Ella. Here's 5 seconds of chaos at their house.  Missy is an incredible mother, cleaning up behind everyone, preemptively feeding everyone, and maintaining a cheery, encouraging disposition.

Cyprus with his dad Joe and mama Mira.
Libby Lee motor boats my mouth then hers.
And the inevitable question is, Do I want kids now?  Still the answer is not really.  I enjoy meeting these new little people, and it's really cool to see their parents transform into parenthood.  I can see and have confirmed through discussion that having children is often one of the most fulfilling aspects of their lives.  I also see that it's not all roses, and I commend parents for the trials and tribulations they endure daily.  But to exemplify how I feel personally about having kids, I'll let this photo do the speaking:
And of course the baby I'm most excited about...Baby Kitty.  I can't help myself!

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