August 26, 2011

SIT Rafiki and Indonesian Festival

One day, I (aka Amana) met up with Julie Narimatsu and Marjorie Mulhall (aka Jaribu and Macho)--two ladies who were in the same study abroad program with me in Tanzania ten years ago. It was so wonderful to see them. They're both working to make the world a better place, and I'm happy to know them still. Julie had a crazy year: she got married, pregnant, bought a house, a new car, and will have her baby. Major changes! Marjorie recently moved from a NYC law firm to DC to work at Earth Justice. Very cool.
We met up at an Ethiopian restaurant where the ceiling was painted like the sun, with a skylight in the center. Cool.

After our meal, I went to the Indonesian Festival where I was supposed to wear the WWF panda costume on stage (in 100 degree+ weather). I was looking forward to being the WWF mascot, but alas, the time for WWF's spot on stage changed and I was unwittingly about 40 minutes late. My friends were glad I didn't die of heatstroke inside the costume, though.

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