August 27, 2011

DC Nights

Most nights I'd get home around 9:30 or 10 after exercising and finding something to eat. I'd wind down, maybe read or watch something on hulu, and head to bed. My roommate, Pauline, a young French woman, would inevitably stay out late going to bars and hanging out with other interns, and making me feel old or at least stodgy.

One night, though, I was invited to a freestyle hip-hop/funk show at Althea's house. Althea works at WWF as a new hire, in the Coastal East Africa program, and is applying for a Fulbright: I was going to do that! (o: The show was rad: the band had their full sound system set-up in her living room. The house was full of cool people, and we had a blast encouraging the music, and dancing our funky hearts out. It was HOT. You could say sweltering, even. But totally worth the drenchedness, and accidentally getting pulled over by the cops when I tried to take a short cut biking through the zoo after hours that night (oops!). I excused myself around midnight "lest I turn into a pumpkin" I explained to the younger stay-up-all-night-Australians.
Another night, I talked Pauline into staying home with me. It was the night after the full moon, and we decided to go for a midnight walk to enjoy the lunar orb. We had a hilarious and fun time walking around our neighborhood, attempting to snap pictures of the moon with the poor functions on her camera and the camera I was borrowing.

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