August 26, 2011

Perks at WWF

One perk of working at WWF is "the junk mail" listserve. It's how I found my awesome apartment (offered at discount price to WWF interns by a regular staff member), it's where people posted "hey look at this awesome press WWF just got!" messages, and it's how you find out when there are extra cookies, sandwiches and snacks in the kitchens. You have to be quick responding to these sorts of things if you want to take advantage of them, but it's well worth it. My favorite fringe benefit from Junk Mail was getting 4 free opening night tickets to see the play Oklahoma! which I shared with Lisa, Dodon, and Leah (other MIIS students living in DC for the summer). It was rad! The theatre that it was in was really amazing from an architectural standpoint. The play itself was engaging and really freaking fun. It's amazing to me how good professional plays are after years of seeing amateur local plays. I'd go to another, absolutely. Thanks WWF for hooking us up with these rad free tickets!

Another perk is that every other friday at WWF is a day off! Why this is an excellent way to run an NGO:
-for only ~35 more minutes of work/day for the preceding 2 weeks, you get a 3 day weekend regularly!
-the NGO gets to cut down on electricity and cleaning by 10%
-commuter energy is cut down by 10%
-thus the environmental NGO practices what it preaches
-did I mention regular 3 day weekends?!

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