August 27, 2011

Animals at WWF US

Several of WWF's environmental conservation efforts are centered on charismatic megafauna (yes, that is actually a technical term) to garner the support of its members and donors. People connect with rhinos, pandas, tigers, and lemurs more than they do with moles, small fishes, and insects, and are more likely to support endeavors related to big cuddly looking animals. Luckily, these large creatures are often great sentinels for the health of the rest of the ecosystem where they live. "If we save the tiger's habitat," the theory goes, "we'll be saving the habitat of hundreds of other species as well." Over the years, many of the staff have collected plush versions of our conservation efforts. It's kind of fun walking around and seeing so many smiling doll-eyed creatures in so many cubicles and offices. While the office is smack-dab in the middle of urban DC, these creatures/toys remind us of the important work we're doing.

long armed monkey blind-fold/riding rhino, some wolves, iguanas and a snake, birds and the regulars

luau white tiger, snowy owl, blue-footed booby, and friends

Okapi, snow leopard & prairie dog, whale shark & chickadee,
octopus & clownfish & seaturtle, some sculptural creatures

giant salamander, 3 toed sloth, some rhinos, primates, and more

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