November 7, 2010

Layers...and denial

Laila Shawal

I've been up since 9:30. I decided to write down what I get done, by the hour--so I can see my progress or lack thereof, and document where my time goes. I think what I've been doing is called "procrastination" though I am firmly in denial of this.

9:30-10: breakfast, start an email to NEAFC (aka homework), look at images for pendants
10-11: water plants, start dishwasher, make eggs for Ben and myself, send some emails to family
11-12: give sardines to cats (clean out refridgerator), make tea, check the mail, give some feedback on etsy
12-1: look at Ben's progress on his ViddyJam project, exercise the cats (play with them), photoshop a few images, look at facebook.

By sharing this, I am ratting myself out, hoping to actually finish that email to the NEAFC and kick myself in the booty to get lots more schoolwork done today too. Luckily, I feel good about the things that I have done today despite them not being directly school related. But perhaps that furthers my denial. Eh, well, it is the weekend.

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