November 10, 2010


I feel as though I've hit the jackpot. I can't believe I'm in a school where my homework for the evening includes doing something I have done in my 'spare' time in the past. Namely: researching ways to travel abroad in a meaningful way on someone else's dime. Specifically, Tanzania. To improve my Swahili. And study environmental effects of aquaculture. With a job at the end! It sounds like a dream come true (the homework aspect...not to mention if I actually were able to secure a fellowship)! My Research Methods for Environmental Policy class requires us all to write an application to one of several Grants/Fellowships available. I am considering applying to the Boren Fellowship. It seems like it was made for me.) I spent several hours this evening feeling guilty for doing my homework because it was so exciting! I'm not used to work feeling so much like fun. Happy. Very very happy.


eileen said...

If i weren't so happy for you, I'd tell you to stop rubbing it in :o)

Cari said...

I love that you're this happy!

How does one search for fellowships like this?

Alyssum Pohl said...

thanks guys! it's a blessing.

ask your career advisor? I always just keep my ears open and do a lot of searching on my own time. Also, involved professors know of a bunch too. Presidential, Fulbright, & Boren are the ones we're encouraged to apply to. Good luck, I hope you find one perfect for you!