November 11, 2010

Dad's visit

Dad came 2 weeks ago (already that long ago?!) and we had a great time with him. On his first day, we spent the day in Gilroy: lunch at Pericos, some pastries, dinner at Lizarran, and some bowling on top. The next day, Dad and I had the most filling breakfast at OD's cafe, and then we jaunted down to Point Lobos where we had an amazing hike. We saw sea lions, seals, dolphins, birds, kayakers, scuba divers, neat trees...and I sprained my ankle.

There is a Butterfly Preserve in little Pacific Grove~ a spot of magic! Monday, Ben and Dad explored the Monterey Bay Aquarium while I took a midterm exam, then we all went to Big Sur and enjoyed Route 1's incredible scenic beauty. I was sad to see him go!

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