November 26, 2010

In search of the Perfect Boots

I must vent. I have been in search of the perfect boots since my house burned down. That was almost FOUR YEARS AGO. I have very wide feet, with high arches and most women's shoes do not fit me. Boots are especially difficult because the wide versions tend to have wide calves, which I do not need. Boots tend to be seasonal so my search is not effective year-round. This further decreases the liklihood of finding the perfect boots.

Last year I found my dream boots. Keen's Bern boots: waterproof, brown, flat(ish)--they work for both function and fashion. Of course they don't come in wide sizes.

A similar shoe by Merrell, also does not come in wide sizes.
And as I search the internet right now, I see Teva even makes a great option. Again, not in wide.

I was excited recently when one of my friends, who has similar-shaped feet, turned me on to Aerosoles, who make wide size shoes. Some of their regular sized shoes are even wide enough to accommodate my feet! I was doubly excited today because Ben and I went to the Aerosoles store in Berkeley to try on the 2 boots on the ends below, to see if these regular-sized boots would actually fit my wide feet. To my utter chagrin, they did not. The boots in the middle did fit my feet, but are not quite what I'm looking for (too ridingbootish, not waterproof).
So close and yet so far away. I used to get shoes that were "pretty good" when I couldn't find "perfect". But after battling Morton's neuroma for wearing too-narrow shoes for my whole life, I have vowed never to get "pretty good" shoes again. Currently, I have a recently-sprained ankle, for which I'm wearing an ankle brace which adds to the urgency of finding flat, comfortable, reasonable, functional shoes. A search online lead me to these, which are too tall in the heel, but at least are advertised as wide. Of course when I plug in my size and width, whadya know, "This combination is not available".
These are perhaps a bit more ornate than I'd like but close. Still, not wide.

All in all, I remain very frustrated. I own 4 pairs of shoes that fit me. (I have others, but they're not sufficiently wide enough for every-day use. I can only use them here and there, interspersed between normal wide-shoe wearings so that the neuroma doesn't flair up again.)
1. New Balance. Yay. Their shoes are always wide enough. But they have no boots.
2. Tevas. These. But my pinky toes hang off the edge and the velcro strap only closes half-way across my foot, thus Teva's closed shoes are too small for my feet.
3. These Danskos. Can't wear them now because of my ankle brace (heel).
4. Aerosoles, very cute but high heeled. Also not practical for current use.
Which effectively means I have 2 pairs of shoes. Tevas and running shoes. Not practical for cold, rainy days in Monterey. I need some friggin' boots! arrrrgggg...

If you have any other suggestions lemme know.

I have asked this question before, and have been sent in the direction of finding shoes for drag-queens. Great idea in theory! But I have no need for go-go boot, platforms, or stripper heels.


chelseapohl said...

have you tried men's boots?

Cari said...

I've been lusting after a pair of boots at Target for 3 months now (waiting on them to go on sale) and I also have wide feet. They have half-sizes, which usually work for me and my giant feet. Try there?

eileen said...

You can search on endless by size and width--there seems to be a lot of choices, even in the 10c/d and 10E size.

this one is cute!,B003I64GYE,B003CFAQFY,B003ES4FDS,B003OUSGK4,B003OUGCDC,B003OUZXI2,B003ES4I0S,B003HC9M7A,B003ES4J98,B003OVOKLC,B003CN6QY6,B001CJGMNM,B003COZZ38,B003ES4GLO,B003CN6OAM,B0029F0SBA,B003CN6RN6,B0021YVT1W,B003COZUK6,B003CIP63S,B0039YP5WM,B0026MRPAI,B002FB5ZB6,B002BWQG1M,B003ZEZ93G,B0038JDQII,B003ZEZ6XY,B0039YP504,B0026MRRAG,B003CIP9N0,B003CIP6JW,B003MC558A,B003CFAQ68,B003MC57Z6,B003CIP6UQ,B002BWQKYA,B003CFARJ4,B003BYQXW6,B003CN6Q5A&asinTitle=Annie%20Shoes%20Rocco%20Knee-High%20Boot&contextTitle=search%20results&page=1&size=40&node=242261011&nodes=242261011&sort=shoesbrowserel2&sizes=519635011&widths=519713011&heelheights=519508011|519509011

or what about this one?,B003I64GYE,B003CFAQFY,B003ES4FDS,B003OUSGK4,B003OUGCDC,B003OUZXI2,B003ES4I0S,B003HC9M7A,B003ES4J98,B003OVOKLC,B003CN6QY6,B001CJGMNM,B003COZZ38,B003ES4GLO,B003CN6OAM,B0029F0SBA,B003CN6RN6,B0021YVT1W,B003COZUK6,B003CIP63S,B0039YP5WM,B0026MRPAI,B002FB5ZB6,B002BWQG1M,B003ZEZ93G,B0038JDQII,B003ZEZ6XY,B0039YP504,B0026MRRAG,B003CIP9N0,B003CIP6JW,B003MC558A,B003CFAQ68,B003MC57Z6,B003CIP6UQ,B002BWQKYA,B003CFARJ4,B003BYQXW6,B003CN6Q5A&asinTitle=Annie%20Shoes%20Rocco%20Knee-High%20Boot&contextTitle=search%20results&page=1&size=40&node=242261011&nodes=242261011&sort=shoesbrowserel2&sizes=519635011&widths=519713011&heelheights=519508011|519509011

Alyssum Pohl said...

how did I never know about endless?? Thanks Eileen