November 3, 2010

Caverna Magica

I had a great visit with my dad.

While he was here, I remembered to ask him if he remembered the name of a tape we had in the car back in the day. I remember going to work with him in Frankfort, maybe 3 or 4 yrs old, looking at the album cover (above), and thinking that the music we were listening to was literally cave music...the sounds that I now know to be of the steel drum seemed at the time to be dripping water from stalactites. I wanted to live in that cave, and put my special little things on the shelves in the picture. I'm not sure I even liked the music, but it definitely seemed more magical than most. And the label even said 'magica'; like it was proof.
Anyway, Dad did remember! I was impressed he could come up with an artist's name based on my loose description of the album cover as seen through a 3 yr old's eyes. Or at least he remembered enough to lead us to the exact music with a short google search of similar names. It's Andreas Vollenweider, a Swiss musician. This album came out in 1982.
See what you think.

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