July 21, 2005

Tendones de mi pie

Jeez, can I just please have one day where I'm not the biggest klutz in the world?! We left early this morning to borrow the government huge trucks to load up with gravel and rocks to fill in the mud in the road to Santa Rosa, the community that Bridges to Community works with here. Before we even leave, I climb up into the back of the tall truck, and the men tell me I have a space to sit in the cab since I'm a girl. So I jump down, and immediately cry, "Oh, I think I broke my foot." I wrapped it with some ace bandaging and medical tape when we got to the gravel pit, took some ibuprofen, and spent the morning hobbling around, not using the shovels but throwing by hand the rocks into the mud out in the campo. At lunch, I came back, and our medical student friend, Andy, warningly exclaimed,"what is that?! Your limp is definately worse. No more walking for you, sit in the hammock with your leg high. We're going to the hospital." Laura was going to come with me, to translate any details I couldn't gather myself, but she couldn't find anyone to drive the truck back out to Santa Rosa to bring the workers lunch. So she happened upon another gringo, Patrick, a German, in the market, determined that his Spanish was excellent, and his english was good as well and therefore was an excellent candidate to accompany me to the hospital. The radiographer was on vacation though so we had to take a taxi, trying to find his home for a while. We ended up just going to the private clinic where a doctor saw me and was able to determine that I just injured my tendons, and didn't need an x-ray. Phew! Got me some pain meds, and the doctor said no walking, but riding horses is fine, so my work will continue on monday. Sheesh.

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