July 8, 2005

continued Enfermada

Back in Siuna again, after having worked only a single day in Hormiguerro. Just too sick. Coughing all night, major headache, puddles of snot all over my pillow. The only time I fell asleep I woke up after a dream of getting stuck in an elevator that was broken and falling for stories and stories. The lady whose house we´re staying at, Rufina, is the nurse in Hormiguerro so she got up at 4am to make me some fresh eucalyptus tea for my throat, and get me some acetaminophena. I was supposed to go back out to Agua Sucia today and out to Curao to read the results of the tests that my companions gave a few days ago, but we decided they´d have to do it alone while Margarito drove me back yet again on the back of his motorcycle to Siuna. Went straight to the hospital. Don´t have malaria, but am going back again tomorrow to make sure, and to check for Dengue. Think it´s just a nasty flu though. No nausea, no diarrhea. That´s good.
In the meantime, You´ll be glad to hear that every animal we´ve tested thus far has been negative for both TB and brucellosis. It makes me confident enough to eat the quemada here (feta-like cheese) and the delicious coconut, milk, sugar frozen concoctions. Mmmmmm...

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