July 20, 2005


Don't worry, I am fine. Have been in the bush all week, got back saturday, the internet is closed on the weekend and then the Sandanista holiday was tuesday so everything was closed til today. In siuna til next monday due to the fact that my spanish is worse than i thought it was...I was supposed to make a radio announcement to tell (I thought) the guides from the far communities to bring only 2 horses yesterday instead of 4, but I didn´t get around to it and since its only $3 perday per horse, I wasn't too worried. But turns out I was supposed to make an announcement to tell them to come...AT ALL. Yeah, so I woke up at 5am yesterday walked to the market to catch the bus amidst all the Sandanista festival stuff (fairly dangerous since there are drunkards who occasionally start fighting with eachother or with people of the other party with machetes, knives, or guns), went out to Hormiguerro and waited for the horses that never came. Back to Siuna for the week, sheeit. At least I can email!

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