July 1, 2005

Ah, la lluvia

The Rain, the rain. The clouds pass overhead and you can hear how many moments you have before you absolutely Have to be under cover, as the rain passes over the leaves and tin roofs before it reaches you. It comes in with a sprinkle that lasts 20 seconds, builds to pouring for 5 minutes, hits the center of the storm with solid water in the air for a 2 minutes, relaxes back to pouring for a few more minutes, and trickles off slowly thereafter, lasting a total of about 20 minutes for each rain storm. The roads are totally washed out, rivers of mudddd. Tires squelch through them and bump along the middle or sides of the roads, avoiding bicycles and dogs, huge concrete-carrying trucks and tiny taxis. Whoever honks first has the right of way.
Up here at the university, 3 horses roam the basketball field and a few cows leave proof of their existence in the form of fecal material in the open-air auditorium. One of the women I am indebted to here was engaged to a local man the day I arrived, and she´s busy organizing food for their wedding. She leaves for the states (in fact, she´ll be living less than 20 minutes from me in Worcester, MA when she comes back) same time I do, so they have to get married in the next few weeks so Erick can start working on visas to join her there. Wow.
I get woken up at 4 in the morning by a barrage of roosters all crowing their "It's MY day!!!!!!!" song. And then the neighbors put on the radio. I think it is a terrible thing for a pop singer`s fate to become super famous in a developing nation. Why do they love the MOST awful stuff?? So not a terribly long sleep at night. Supplemented with a nap in the hammock on the porch, though. Good food here. Fresh mojitos, juice of some fruit i`ve never heard of, "adobe soup" which is cheese soup, everything frijto, and of course beans and rice with every meal.

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