October 19, 2010

Too Dark for Pendants

See how it does that? At least this particular pendant has a rad home now--thanks Alice!

Well, after several attempts, I've just concluded that images with lots of dark in them are not the best for pendants because the black ink sometimes sticks to the glass and makes it look like the image is wet under the glass. Dang. Because there are some really beautiful images that pendant-wearers will miss out on! Here are some of the images that you won't see in my next batch of pendants because they're just too daggone dark.

Well, I might give this one a go afterall. Photo by Robert Orgera

Fireflies, Ontario. Steve Irvine. This one I couldn't use anyway since it's copyrighted.

1 comment:

Cari said...

on the buddha and the seahorse, can you invert the colors and make a pendant out of the 'negative' of the original?