October 1, 2010

Night Hike

Last Friday, we had a lovely dinner with two of my classmates and their husbands, and then went for a night hike in Big Sur. It felt luxurious to allow myself such fun. I keep realizing this is not vet school (aka, I can have a life AND go to school). I am so grateful to be here. Ben got to come too--a welcome break from his life in Gilroy.

Colleen and her matching dinner set. That her clothes match.

If you squint your eyes this picture looks better.
You can see the 1935 Bixby Bridge in the center. The ocean washes under it.
That's where we started, and we followed a gravel road around the mountainsides.

The moon was in full force! They say the brightest harvest moon in 20 yrs.

Lisa and Colleen, my classmates.
Wine/chocolate/chat break in the middle of the road.

Ansel Adams, "Storm," Point Sur Monterey Coast. Very close to where we were.

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