October 9, 2010

The Commute

People often ask me "How's the commute?" because I drive to and from school. Gilroy to Monterey. Only 46 miles, but usually about an hour's drive. It's a lovely drive, and that's what I'll share with you. I use GhostReader (and now my new Kindle!) to have some of my school readings read to me while I drive, so that feels productive. I stay in Monterey with classmates/friends (thanks you guys!!) once a week and that really helps me maintain a rhythm throughout the week.

Gilroy and the golden hills:

Down into the valleys where eucalyptus (though it's a foreign & invasive species) smells amazing:

The agricultural portion of my drive. It's really interesting watching the planting, growing, harvesting efforts in real time, over the course of several months. This is where your food comes from, everyone!

artichoke fields in Castroville

Yes, "Del Monte" as in the fruit.

Seaside's sand dunes, and Ah, the ocean! Monterey Bay has a peaceful effect on me every day. I love seeing the water from land, it's so different every day.
heavy machinery move drifting sands back to the beach area and off the highway regularly.

This sand dune has a different message on it every morning.
It's like a huge etch-a-sketch for love notes.

Here we are in Monterey and at MIIS (my school).

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Tiffanie said...

great photos!
i do so love that area.
and the "etch-a-sketch!" : )

glad you're enjoying it, Alyssum. : )