October 24, 2010

Palm and the Move

Our mini palm trees did not like moving cross country. The first day nearly killed them (smooshed in a sweltering 100+ degree car in July from KY to CO with no water). The rest of the trip was not much better (little light, little water in the back of the moving van). The last week was spent in a basement with no light, no water. Then we moved in--every leaf on the poor things were frazzled, yellowed, dead or dying. We put it outside, where I thought it would be happier than inside, but Gilroy has been hot and dry since we moved in. We finally decided to stop torturing our plants and moved it indoors this week. But even out on the balcony I have been encouraging them to come back to life with plant stew (water and fertilizer). And you can see that previous 3 tall and 2 short palms that seemed to have died had enough life in them still to double their numbers. From 5, we now have 10 (albeit tiny) palm sprouts!

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