September 22, 2010

Bad Actors

I came across these two photo collages today that pretty much sum up why I've always regarded Keanu Reeves and Nicolas Cage as two of the worst actors around. Not that I didn't really enjoy Raising Arizona ("Son, you got a panty on yo' head") or Parenthood ("We can record our love"), but tell me, really, don't you agree?

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Holden Hadley said...

I don't think that's very fair.
I mean, Nicholas Cage is definitely a bad actor (or at least an extremely acquired taste) but it's because of his ridiculous over-expression, not under-expression. I can't think of a movie where he doesn't scream like a maniac for no reason.
That image totally misrepresents the sheer bliss of Nick Cages terribleness, so not only is it ill-conceived, but also a huge missed opportunity for a better joke.

Take a look at this supercut to see just how hilarious Nick "His soul is still dancing" Cage can be:

Holden "Just watched Face/Off and was looking for screenshots of Nick Cage's ridiculous face" Hadley.