September 28, 2010

Magpie Tendencies

The lady on the right: I feel like we're kin. I grew up putting together outfits like hers. It takes significant discipline for me not to walk out of the house looking like this every day. It all started with the discipline it took to resist my magpie-like tendencies ("Shiny!" "Colorful!" "Textured!" "Sparkly!") to acquire these bits of clothing in the first place. Or at least to put most of them in the costume box. And it also took discipline to feel okay acquiring simple, single-colored, 'bland' textured items of clothing to pair with the exciting bits so that it doesn't look like I stepped right out of the 60s or a costume box each day of my life. Wonderfully/luckily, I have come to realize that the challenge of toning things down in a socially acceptable manner, and looking downright decent instead of wacky, can be equally as satisfying as putting on all the bling at once. But that tendency still runs deep. And makes me smile.
Ronit Baranga

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Tiffanie said...

I say: why tone it down? Be who you is and wear what you like!
I've always enjoyed your unique style. : )