September 3, 2010

Mutha Mary

Or whomever she is...
This statue is from a cemetery near where I lived in Massachusetts. It's one of the few landscape/beautiful pictures I took while living up there. It's still a desolate scene, but I feel like the statue is empathetic for anyone living there. The cold and emptiness but compassion I felt while being in vet school is pretty well summed up in the photo above.

Alphonse Mucha drawing from Princess Ilsee

Then the other day, I found this drawing by Alphonse Mucha which was strangely similar, and unlike many of the works of his that I'm more familiar with.

PS--I feel like I'm purging the last vestiges of glech from vet school days. Or maybe I'm allowing myself to share the tiny beauties from those days that I hardly dared to admit back then. My new school is amazing, I come home rejuvenated, revived, and SO EXCITED every day. I'm making room for sharing more of that by sharing things like this post first. *happy*

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