February 15, 2010

Taking time to create.

Some things I've done recently in the creative realm, as inspired by the Artist's Way to actually DO things.

Cappy is my best Worst Helper.

Painting again for the first time in ages, even though it's super basic, feels nice.

Finished medallions, to encourage Ben in his priorities. He said, "You forgot one: 'Alyssum'." So I've added that since, in the shape of a heart. Awwww...

These are some affirmations I made for myself. I initially blacked out the words since affirmations are sort of personal, but then you couldn't see what they were like at all, so oh well. You can go ahead and make fun, but they work for me.

I decided to make savory tartlets one evening.

Mushroom, zucchini, onion tartlets with parmesan on top.

The tartlets, and also you can see I'm wearing a necklace I just made. I actually had two broken necklaces that I combined into one, bolder necklace. I love it.

I haven't felt anxious in a long time (thank goodness), but this drawing was something that I needed to get out. I hope I never have panic attacks again, but just a little drawing like this might remind me some time in the future to have compassion for someone who is anxious, because it feels so rotten when you're in the midst of it.


ElixirT said...

wow, that image of anxiety was well rendered. I also liked seeing your artists way work and I know that it feels so personal-thanks for sharing it anyway. Recently I wanted to lend out my book to someone and then I opened it and saw all of my innermost thoughts and hopes spilling into the margins :)

Tiffanie said...

wow! that anxiety picture feels right-on!
thanks for sharing some of your creations. : )