February 27, 2010

Moving to Boulder!

I'm in a whirlwind, everything is happening so fast! My sister, Chelsea, has been trying to get me to move out to live with her for a long time, and all of a sudden, the gates opened, and the flood is flowing! (Or whatever metaphors you want to mix...) She always gets her way (o:
So within 2 weeks, I have to get everything together to move half way across the country. Here's the timeframe we're talking:

LEXINGTON-2 wks only!
BOULDER- mid March thru May. live with Chelsea, Nanny my nieces Tiger & Phoenix, and work at Snarf's. Enjoy living in Boulder for a change of pace/atmosphere, and a slightly better earning potential. Slightly (though every bit counts). Mostly just because I can.
GUATEMALA- June. intensive Spanish training (to brush up for my school program) for 5 wks.
LEXINGTON-July. A week or so to pack up all our stuff there and move (with Ben and kitties!), and go to a wedding.
MONTEREY, CA-August. Attend Monterey Institute of International Studies (MIIS), get my Master's in International Environmental Policy.

Ben will stay here, finish his degree in May, work this summer, and we'll be joining again in July to make our cross-country move together.

It feels like I'm moving on in my life finally. Working here in Lexington has felt like a temporary but drudge-laden two-year stint. Making the move to Boulder feels like the beginning of the rest of my good life, and I am SO READY.

I've used the website Wordle to create these word clouds that reflect some personal movement.

Here is my resume, which feels like my past:

Compared to the essay I wrote to get into MIIS, which feels like my future:

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woo said...

So exciting to hear about your movement Alyssum! Congratulations! Sounds like so many interesting journeys are on the horizon....bon voyage! And let me be (one of) the first to pre-welcome you to California!