February 23, 2010

cleaning up clutter

Like clutter in a room, my computer desktop is littered with inspirations and ideas and pretty things I want to share with you. Rather than devote a separate post to each, I am going to clean it all up in one felled swoop. I have to make good with the name of this blog occassionally. So here is; you know, stuff.

Did you watch this? Disney's Silly Symphony? Except it wasn't silly, it was marvelous. I always loved this tree couple. This lamp captures the essence of that scene to a tee.

I got a mirror similar to this one for christmas. I love it.

Okay, who else played with Sylvanian Families? My sister and I played for hours on end with these lovable, innocent little woodland creatures. The bunny you see in front of the pancakes was Breezy Babblebrook, and the baby bunny in the picture with the vampire teeth and Peter Rabbit book was Bubbles Babblebrook, I think. I had the rabbit families, the raccoon family and the foxes. My sister had the bear families, the beavers, and the mice. Wow. I just looked at the website and they have EXPANDED their woodland creature collection! How come we never hear about them today? I love the non-violence, non-sexual nature of these little guys. We made paper mache houses for them (a hollow tree stump for the rabbits & a beaver dam for the beavers....the other families had to move in where they could). Aww, I miss those guys.

Looking for a limousine?

Can you read that? click on the picture to see it better. But I love the idea of "tree time". I'm moving to where these giants dwell, perhaps I will bask in their time while I'm there.

I am also looking forward to a year-round growing season out there. And the possibility that my new house might have a patio or balcony or some outdoor space where my sad winter-shriveled plants can thrive for a while.

THIS IS THE SPARKLIEST EVER! I'm not so into the bears and florals....but those don't even count compared to the sparkly sparkles here. Just Whoa. Eeeeee!

Another card catalog picture I've found since my last post on them.

A lovely painting that you can find on deviant art by artist Raipun.

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