February 13, 2010

Not a Boring Day Afterall

I've been feeling....what's the word....resigned in my life. I feel like I have good things to look forward to (school!), but in the meantime I'm in this weird purgatory where I just work all the time at a job I don't particularly feel for. Blah. Just feeling sorta empty, blah, resigned for the time being.

But then, this woman comes in to work today and shakes things up a bit. Let me introduce you to her. She's a regular customer, a very tall blonde woman who is probably in her 60s. But she never wears a bra, and she usually wears very low cut shirts. Like, every time you see her you want to say, "hey, you should probably wear a bra with that. Or a camisole. Or both," because while she's a thin woman, she is older, and her boobs are droopy but big, and it's just on the verge of being weird.
So today, things are a little weirder. She's only wearing a blazer on top. No bra, no shirt under the blazer, and this particular blazer buttons up down by her bellybutton. So her boobs are swinging around in that Deeeeeeep vee for all to see. Weird. Weirder than usual. I'm formulating what I should say to her because it's downright indecent, it's not just on the verge of being weird, it really is indecent and uncomfortable for other people. In fact, our only other customer of the day leaves the premises. Great. First, she tries on a really sheer knit cardigan with a deep vee neck (of course with nothing on underneath), and her tits are poking out because it's freaking cold today. Awkward. Then I notice that she's trying things on without pulling the curtain closed. As I start to go close the curtain for her, she comes out with NOTHING ON TOP, totally bear breasted like that's the most normal thing in the world. WTF! This is a business! She goes in, tries something else on, and comes out bear breasted again, and I'm too stunned to say anything. She pays for one shirt and leaves, and I'm glad she's gone.


what....the....hell....just happened. Is she mentally retarded? Does she have a exhibitionist fetish? Does she just feel cozy here at our store? All I can say is Not Cool.

So, my day has not been boring.

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