October 5, 2006

list of accomplishments this week

I wanna say that I have the best support system in the whole wide wor-orld!

I am always so touched by the words of encouragment and funny stories and well-wishing that my friends send to me. In recompense, I am happy to say that it has kept me going this week! I have been very nose-to-the-grindstone. This list is just for myself, really, to remind myself that sometimes I'm productive and that I can do it when I have a no-nonsense attitude. Here's what I did:

study for Neuromuscular/Skeletal exam
take that exam
finish reading/taking notes for all my Molecular Biology/Micropathology for the exam next week
prepare a powerpoint presentation on mosquitos as vectors for my parasitology class
organize all the holistic club memberships and dues/checking account
talk to financial aid office a couple times
research ACTH and cortisol levels for problem based learning
epidemiology and biostatistics homework (two of them, ugg...)

Hmm, it doesn't seem like much written like that.... It's so much more satisfying looking at my list of a ton of things, almost all marked off with various highlighters. The color=my productivity. Yeah!

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