October 28, 2006

Are Parasites Making You Fat?

So reads the cover of the trashy magazine "First". I picked it up at the local supermarket because I was procrastinating (by getting food) studying for my parasitology exam. The proposition that parasites make you fat is pretty preposterous, just so you know. Though I suppose you could say that they make me fat indirectly: parasites live, they infect animals and make them sick, vets have to know about them, i am in vet school so I have to study them, and as you can see from the chart (simplified version of what we had to learn for this exam), I have to sit for long periods of time to learn about them, and sitting is pretty inactive, therefore the food I eat is stored as fat til I get out of vet school and can use the fat in my normal life which includes things like exercise. Funny.

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