October 15, 2006

Clinical Signs of Parasites

[um...this was supposed to be posted 10/15/06....]

I'm studying for parasitology where we have to know the Genus species of several hundred parasites along with their life cycle, their host, general characteristics, how they infect the animals, clinical signs, how to diagnose the parasite, as well as how to treat and control the parasite. I'm hung up for the moment on clinical signs.
"Diarrhea and ematiation"
"diarrhea and dehydration"
"dark green diarrhea"
"bloody diarrhea"
"irritation, inflammation, and diarrhea"
"loss of conditioning, and green diarrhea"
"black tarry feces, emaciation, death"
"chronic diarrhea, weight loss"

Wait a second. We have to be able to think, "Aha, that is definitely DARK green diarrhea and not just plain diarrhea. I know exactly what I'll be looking for".

Wait another second. "Green Diarrhea"!?!?!!?!! Doesn't ALL cow shit look green and runny?!

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