September 15, 2006

Reformatting My Time

Ben introduced an idea to me from the book "7 Habits of Highly Effective People". Basically, things can be divided into combinations of Urgent/Not Urgent, and Important/Not Important. The idea is to do important/not urgent things so that things don't become important/urgent. Even more so, the idea is to cut out things that are not important whether urgent or not. This totally makes sense, and I think my tendency has always been to confuse "urgent" with "important," thereby wasting hours filling out forms or picking at zits that'll go away if I don't get them right now or vacuuming the house again because there is another cat hair ball in the corner....
In an effort to change these ways, I am cutting out many things that not urgent or not important in favor of studying. This includes nearly all phone calls. I am seeing the fruits of this change, though making the change has its consequences too--it's not like me to ignore friends! So if you are on the brunt end of this change in my life, please respect that this is neccessary for me to do to get through school, and that I will be here for you--just maybe not Right Now. I'm just asking for patience. I'm someone who is generally there for other people, no matter what. And saying "No" is difficult for me because I love my friends and WANT to be there for them. But to be an effective student.....sigh.....I have to be just as dedicated. And I really am dedicated to becoming a vet, despite my creative and recreational callings. So, for now, creativity and recreation are on the back burner with occassional allotted times to be dabbled in. Okay.

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