September 13, 2006

The Reasonable Person Principle

Can we all just abide by these simple principles?

*Everyone will be reasonable.

*Everyone expects everyone else to be reasonable.

*No one is special.

*Do not be offended if someone suggests you are not being

[Reasonable people think about their actions, and the needs of others, and adjust their behavior to meet the goals of a common good for the community, i.e., expressing what you want to say, but accepting and accommodating the needs of others.]

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tif said...

have you read, _The_Four_Agreements_?

a real simple, short, easy read that talks about this, kinda.

~stand by your word, and don't use your word against anyone ~ yourself or others.
~don't take things personally. how others see the world is simply how others see the world.
~don't make assumptions. have the courage to ask questions.
~do your best everyday, realizing that everyday is different, and your "best" changes from day to day.