March 11, 2011

TEDx Monterey??

I'm excited and humbled to be one of 3 students considered for the Student Speaker position at the TEDxMonterey event at MIIS on April 15th. Yesterday, we presented a short version of our proposed TEDx presentation at the Idea Slam. It was recorded for your viewing pleasure. I'd love to hear your comments/suggestions/ideas. I intend to slow down, flesh out some of the story/my idea, and perform the contortion parts how I usually perform: music, personality, following know, stage craft.


Cari said...

That's awesome! I don't know what else you need. The arm thing at the!

onewooga said...

I think you should make more of a distinction between boundaries you can't break (like your ankle) and boundaries you think you can't break but can (like vet school). That seems to be the real key; how do we recognize and push boundaries that may be painful but ultimately take us new and exciting places vs. those that we probably should respect? Would this be a group talk or just you? If there are more speakers it might give the audience a chance to focus more on your awesome flexibility. Either that, or just pause a little so that you highlight what you're doing. Don't forget to breathe! Also--watch your hands, oh dancer lady! Don't play with your waistband when you're nervous. I truly hope you can do this--it's a great idea and you would do very well at TED. How exciting!