April 15, 2010

the Frequent Peacock

I have just launched a new blog wholly dedicated to the collection of peacock images. It all started when my friend Julie Lively mentioned just how very inspiring the peacock was to her. I began sending her images of the peacock whenever I came across them, but it's been over a year now, and I feel I have only skimmed the surface of all the peacock imagery out there. I have been amazed at how frequently I see the peacock. Perhaps every animal is as prevalent, but my eyes have just become attuned to 'collecting' the peacock. In any case, I felt they deserved a proper reliquary. Please feel free to suggest other images. I am backlogged already, just trying to get all the images from the past 6 months up, but I welcome new ones. The peacock (and peahen!!) is a very lovely creature to settle one's eyes on.

Visit the Frequent Peacock here, and please follow me there!

PS-if it loads with different fonts than what you see above, it's because I have used "Secesja PL" and "Campanile" as two of the main fonts. You can download those to your computer from the links provided in the previous sentence if you want.

UPDATE: I worked on finishing the header so that you don't have to upload any fonts yourself, you just get to see a beautiful header. I'm not a programmer, so this is a big accomplishment for me. Couldn't have done it without being sick for a few days with nothing else to do.

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