April 21, 2010

Breaking and Entering

What the FREAK.

So: it's 1:40am, I got home from Snarfs after midnight. I made myself a snack and some tea, started a load of laundry, and went to video chat with Ben. I finish with Ben, and hear hacking in the other room. I assume it's Buddy, the husky, and put my PJs on. I go to the kitchen to put my mug and bowl in the sink (all the lights are off in the house except in my room), and bump into someone's butt, who I assume is Vinny (my bro-in-law). So, I think, Vinny is yacking/hacking in his kitchen sink with the lights off. Kind of weird, since the bathroom is right next to their room, but whatever. "Oh excuse me," I say, "are you okay?" And he doesn't answer. "Are you okay?" I ask again, and go to turn on the lights to see if he is. He's leaving the kitchen as I turn the lights on, and I realize it is NOT Vinny, which gives me a fright. "Who are you?!" I demand, as he continues to walk away from me toward the front door. He doesn't answer and I grab the nape of his shirt, and twist it like I mean it, but he peaceably makes his way to the porch. He reeks of alcohol. I wonder if he's one of the downstairs neighbors' friends or if he knows Chelsea & Vinny or what. He looks to be about 19 or 20, navy blue shirt, 6' tall, skinny, bowl-ish hair cut, dark brown hair, no facial hair. "Where are you going?! Don't come in our house!" I say, and he finally answers me, "I'm leaving, I swear I'll never come again," his hands are in the air like he's making peace, and my thoughts are totally confused. As he leaves, he mumbles something that sounds like 'your daughter trusts me,' in a way that I think was supposed to make me think he's a good guy and I should just leave him alone. I think he must have thought I am much older than I am, that I have a daughter around his age, that he thinks he's at his friend's parents house, and that it's okay to just waltz in to a dark house in the middle of the night and yak in someone's sink. What the FREAK. I ask again if he's okay. He nods as he's leaving and says he won't come back again.

I immediately lock the door. An intruder comes into our house and my main concern is that he's okay. What? I go and scrub the sink. I hug the dog, and ask him why he didn't alert us to the visitor. I am going to bed, but my nerves are shaken. But it takes me a half hour or so to realize what just happened was a crime, and maybe I should call the police. Or at least tell my sister what just happened in her own house. I hear the baby cry for a second, and use it as my intro to tell Chelsea. Vinny wakes up and runs outside to find the guy who is long gone by now.

Um......what just happened???

UPDATE: Wow, I just saved that guy a lifetime's worth of worry. If I'd held onto his shirt a little longer, and kept him for the law to deal with, he could be facing a $100,000 fine or 3 yrs in prison. 1st degree trespassing like what he just did, even without criminal intent inside is considered a Class 5 felony in Colorado.


Tammy said...

Ok, that was the scariest story I've ever heard. I'm glad you're ok!!!

Cari said...

First, I'm glad no one in the house was hurt. Second, I like that you're not enough of a hard ass to actually worry about the guy.

Third, I can't go another second without pointing out this little literary faux pas: "video chat with Ben. I finish with Ben, and hear hacking in the other room. I assume it's Buddy, the husky, and put my PJs on". So, what you've admitted to is *nude* video chatting with Ben. Lucky Ben. :)

Alyssum Pohl said...

Cari, that's very observant and hilarious. perhaps I should have said "changed into my PJs" which is more accurate (o: