July 22, 2009

Finally a Proper Filing Cabinet

Admittedly, this may be a lame post, but there's been so much ramping up time (in my own head anyway), I can't not post. Remember when I was totally obsessed with finding a new way to file our file folders because we were running out of space? Well, I finally found a non-dented, non-broken file cabinet at a thrift store (yay $9!) and tried to decoupage it. I suck at decoupage and also at estimating how much paper it would take to cover a file cabinet. I ended up with one drawer front successfully (albeit poorly) decoupaged, and one drawer that was so bad that Ben tried to tear the decoupage off (unsuccessfully). It's got legal-sized drawers instead of letter-sized drawers, so there are some definite imperfections still. But it does the job SO MUCH more nicely than our previous open drawer and spilling-on-to-the-floor system. Are you ready for the before & after? (I love before and afters). Ta Da!



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