April 3, 2009

Filing Conundrum

Just before my house burned down, I found a beautiful cherry filing cabinet in the dumpster. It didn't have any hardware to put it together, so I called the company and they sent some to me. On a visit north, Ben put the thing together, and I felt very grown-up moving my files from portable plastic containers into a nice, real filing cabinet.

Then, of course, my house burned and that was that.
I was really lucky to find a desk on the side of the road, the bottom drawers of which fit several file folders at a diagonal. That's been great for me for almost 2 years now. However, now that I live with Ben again, and my folders have begun to fill out again, my folders are getting squished and they're jammed so tight
* that it is difficult to put them in/take them out. In addition, Ben has one of the portable filing plastic things like I used to have, and there are piles of files here and there all over our place.
It's time for a new filing method. But we're constrained by no cash-flow.

I found this great solution on Apartment Therapy= buy a hollow ottoman and put a hanging folder frame inside

...but we don't have an ottoman lying around unused. We have these cute boxes at my work, that I can get for cheap,

but I don't have a good shelf for them, and am not sure I want something that is not covered. I also like the idea of wallpapering an otherwise ugly utilitarian type filing cabinet.

I might be able to find one of those on freecycle or craigslist...

What would you do?

Update: I never posted this when I first wrote it b/c I was waiting for my new computer to get fully in the swing of things. But in the meantime, I have emptied my crammed drawers and have used this filing drawer that was just laying around with random other things in it. It's not covered or pretty, but it does the job better than what we were using. Yay for looking around and using what we have, and yay for free!

(and my new FIRA drawers from our little trip to Ikea on my birthday)

This may possibly be the most boring post I've ever posted...I think I obsessed over this conundrum.

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