February 13, 2009

Marlies Dekkers Bra/ Tjarda

I want this bra, but unfortunately, I'd have to travel to New York or Amsterdam (or some other far-away place) to visit one of the stores. (No online boutique! Dang.) I first saw it on my Dutch friend Tjarda, whom I met in San Francisco, when I was staying with Mira. She had several bras by this Dekkers lady, and the key thing is that they all make a boring tank top a little spicy with some unexpected zigs, zags, crosses, curves or strings. For example:

Okay, Tjarda is somewhat unrecognizable here, dressed as she is for the German Sparkle Party, but you can get a sort-of idea of what the bra does UNDER clothes. Just the fun straps are visible. Cool. ...Here's a much better pic of pretty Tjarda (sans bra):

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Anonymous said...

So more then a year has passed my dear...how's the hunting for the bra going? Need some help? MUAH!! Tjarda