February 14, 2009

Green Love

For Valentines, a day full of pink and red, I'm going to fill your eyes with my favorite color, green. I love our Earth, and so I begin with a Yann Arthus-Bertrand photo of a heart-shaped wetland. Awww...

What a beautiful contrast. When I was a child, I called my house "my green house" because our front door was green.

I want to make this simple shift with sheer black overlaying the green, so gracefully. (photo by Erez Sabag)

Another green dress with sheer, but this time the sheer part is given texture (how'd they do that?) (and I'm surprised I have 2 'fashion' pics in a row...)

I love how greenery takes over abandoned buildings. It gives me hope.

I don't know what's up here. Be careful not to jump headfirst into a box when wearing green.

Pretty green shiny baubles! (another 'fashion' pic, sheesh)

Photo by Lars Botten. Um, yeah. Huh.

What a gorgeous silhouette!

I love how this model's green eyes are brought out so piercingly by the green in her shirt. Photo by Sarah Silver.

Another Sarah Silver photo.

Cool, refreshing, gorgeous water.

Somewhere in SriLanka. Doesn't it look cool and warm at the same time? Perfect for a Valentines Day cuddle.

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