February 6, 2009

Homebrew Calendar/Planner

I am a bit of a snob (or at least a connoissuer) when it comes to calendars and planners. I never feel like I find the perfect one. Once a year, I spend a week or so combing book stores and office supply stores for the one that will be good enough. This year, I found one that would have done me well, but I had the sudden inspiration to make my own. Making my own is not a new idea, but it's always seemed like such a hassle and, frankly, I've always been able to afford a planner in the past. This year, "free" sounded better. So, I dug up the blank moleskin-esque booklets I'd been hoarding to make into gifts one day, and made my own. (If you're interested in printing out your own planner and don't want to deal with rulers and pens to make your own, the DIY Planner is really really awesome. Check it out here.)

I made one page for each month, with the intention of then making each week in the rest of the book. But I realized that drawing in each week by hand WOULD take forever, and not every week of mine is hectic enough for me to justify a whole page. So instead, I left the rest of the book blank, so I can write in lists or weeks at a time as neccessary. This has turned out to be enormously helpful, useful, and practical. If I were to do this again, I'd take 2 pages for each month, so I'd have more room to write in each date box. For now, it's a good thing I have small handwriting.

Then I decorated the cover with stickers.


woo said...

Love it! I am always trying to find my dream calendar...and can't even figure out what that might look like. Love the idea of making your own!

Tiffanie said...

very nice. if i could organize my time and didn't need sleep, i would make my own everything.