December 22, 2008


Ben and I got our first ever real christmas tree! For the past several years, we've just taped lights or wrapping paper in the shape of a tree to the wall, and then hung ornaments on that. And that's been good for us--space saving, low budget (zero budget), and conversation piece all in one. But we were really waxing nostalgic on the lack of spruce/pine smell in the air. The Tree In A Can helped for the first half of December, but wasn't *quite* good enough. So we went out in search of some cheap garlands or wreaths to put up to make our place smell like Christmastime. The first place we stopped, the wreaths were $20, but the little cut trees were only $15! So we excitedly took it home and decorated it. I think it looks so cute. I'm so happy about it, it's the first real tree I've had as an adult.

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