December 10, 2008

My Shadowdance Performance

Sorry, guys, I thought I'd put a link to my performance in my blog about San Francisco. But I didn't! It's on my website, here's a quick link to it if you care to see my cathartic 'dark' piece. CLICK HERE to see it.

Here are my Shadowdance program blurbs, you can choose the one that fits your reading timeframe:

Long Program Description:
Alyssum shares with you a dance piece inspired by the feelings of loss, struggle, and despair that she has experienced during the past few years. After having survived both physical and emotional devastation, she was surprised with the additional blow of being smacked with mental and financial devastation, leaving her with an empty but brand new beginning. With contortion representing the knot-like situations, this is an attempt to mourn the loss of a dream, and simultaneously move on/go with the flow of her life by opening her heart and mind to that which is around us all--the good along with the bad.

Short Program Description:
With contortion representing loss, struggle, and devastation, Alyssum explores despair and mourns the loss of a dream.

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