June 11, 2008


Speaking of nests, I've been getting back into cooking again (finally! enough peace in my life to be inspired to cook well and look to recipes for fun ideas)--and I made these spaghetti nests last night. They were easy and fun to eat--they had more texture than just regular spaghetti.

Directions: 1a. make spaghetti as normal. then put them in oiled muffin tins with a depression in the center.
1b. chop a small onion and half a zucchini (or a whole small one) and lightly fry them. add enough pasta sauce just so that they have a light coating of red.
2. put the veggie stuff in the 'nests'.
3. put muffin tin in a preheated 400 degree oven for ~35 mins. broil for 2 minutes at the end.
4. Sprinkle parmesan/reggiano on top. Let the nests cool in the tin so that they retain their shape.



Eileen said...


we will definitely make these! Well, I will make them, Richard will eat them :o)

Tiffanie said...