June 4, 2008

Roof Cats

These are the kitties that live nextdoor and get to explore the roof that is at the same level as our 3rd story windows. They have found that sleeping in the gutter is very cozy. I get so scared for them--ESPECIALLY when they start playing and attacking each other whilst one is still IN the gutter!!


Tiffanie said...

Shoot, Alyssum! Your tribe profile page has been lying to me! It says you haven't posted anything to this blog since the winter. Then someone tipped me off, and I investigated! So glad I did.
I'm all over that Kellogg article. I believe it is so true. But then I am sucked in to the brainwashed mindset of most hardworking Americans these days and end up feeling guilty for believing people should and could work a whole lot less and be a whole WHOLE lot happier.
And I don't think I could have watched those neighborcats as they play in the gutter!! But I love that they do it. I love the shot of the goat in the flowers (I love goats, and that's a particularly adorable one!), you "branching out" (i think you named it) on the FreeKy day, and my most favorite photo is of you on the lawn mower!!! That is priceless.
As I have said before, Keep writing, Alyssum, and we'll keep reading.

Tiffanie said...

that crazy roofcat!!

woo said...

When I lived in the Harrodsburg Rd house, we had a cat named Nate`. (pronounced naytay) She loved to be on the roof.....and it was 4 tall stories high with many steeply angled metal slopes! She loved to get on the very tippy tops of the triangles. I remember the image of her navigating her way to the spot of the day with ease, then sitting down on her post. The whole time the wind was visibly blowing through her short black hair. I was scared for her, but she appeared to be feeling and living her wisdom dakini-kitty destiny.