June 15, 2008


Frequently Asked Questions by those who want to help me out of my situation.

Q1) Can't you just tell the school that your house burned down and your boyfriend had heart surgery? Surely they'll understand that.
A1) I already did, in both my presentation to the Executive Faculty Board, and at the appeal a month later. And apparantly those were not considered "extenuating circumstances" enough.

Q2) With all your training, can't you be a veterinary technician?
A2) Yes, but not a licensed one (even though my training exceeds that of a licensed vet tech). And without being licensed, I would be doing the same job I was doing before I went to vet school--which is part of the reason I wanted to go to vet school in the first place. Being a vet tech is not a fun job for me. And I imagine that I would abjectly miserable as a vet tech that is trained as a doctor. Plus being a vet tech pays less than what I'm making now in retail.

Q3) Can't you just go to another vet school?
A3) I really really wish that I could. Unfortunately, at least in this country, to transfer schools, you must be 'in good academic standing' at your current school, which I no longer am. In addition, most schools don't accept transfers at all. In addition, the ones that do, want you to be an in-state resident, and a 1st year student. I fulfill none of these requirements. I am looking into what it would mean to go to a school outside of this country, but so far, I'm finding that no one takes transfers. Also, there's the financial aspect of things--I would have to pay full tuition out of pocket (no national loans if I go out of country), and would have to be paying off my current loans in the meantime. Not likely.

Q4) Can you sue the school?
A4) Sure, but the liklihood of me winning is slim to none as the school was just following procedure. Unfair as it may seem, they did nothing against the law. Ethics are the only thing in question here, and I'm sure (they've said as much) that they thought they did the most 'compassionate' thing. (!!??!??!)

Q5) Well, at least now you can rest from the hardships of such rigorous schooling, and relax a little bit, right?
A5) True, I am on hiatus from school. But I have a whopping $200,000 debt-load that goes into repayment ASAP and I have no career to pull off that sort of dough. I am working 7 days a week at 2 jobs just to pay rent and bills right now. I spend most of my free time looking for better paying jobs. Not so relaxing.

Q6) So, you're clearly well educated. Can't you get a job with a vet that would appreciate your knowledge, or at a zoo? What about some other well-paying job due to your education?
A6) Vets don't make much money. They will not hire someone who can do the job of a vet tech for more than what they typically pay a vet tech. If they need another doctor, they'll hire another doctor. Unfortunately, there is no equivalent to a physician's assistant in the animal realm. As for a zoo, I might be able to get a job as a zookeeper, but again, I'd probably be making less than I make now. Unfortunately, I cannot afford (literally) to do a job I love in stead of a job that pays enough to pay my loans off.
In regards to finding a job, in general, I've been sorely dismayed that jobs that I'm overqualified for, but for which I do not have licensure automatically dismiss me as an 'unqualified applicant'. Very frustrating. Every place sees "she has a bachelors and nothing else" instead of "she has a bachelors, she got into vet school, and she's completed 4 years there! She's almost a doctor! We would totally score by having her on our team!". Damn.

Q7) This must happen all the time, what do other people in your situation do?
A7) I have searched for people in a similar situation to mine, for emotional support--but I have found that when people are dismissed from medical/vet school, they fall into 2 categories: the people who fail out (I didn't fail any courses), and the people who are not professional (coming to school drunk, cheating, selling crack cocaine) (clearly this does not describe me). Further, it seems that people fall into one of these categories in their 1st or 2nd year of school. Never at the end of their 3rd year.

Q8) So, what are you going to do now?

A8) I have no fucking clue.
I get up and go to work. I continue looking for jobs. I try to enjoy the day. I try not to feel hopeless. I dance to get out of my head. I dream about being a vet somehow, and about dance-related jobs...but have to be content with dreams till I find a job that'll help pay off my loans. I put a lot of energy into helping Ben succeed with JumbleDate. I try to get enough sleep, but that doesn't always happen. I spin my wheels. A lot. I'm pretty stuck for now. But those wheels keep turning. I think and think and brainstorm, but it's going nowhere so far.

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