August 12, 2007

Poor little Car

The drive from Wisconsin to Boulder, CO included our car that had already been fixed in Chicago, breaking down repeatedly. Specifically, the car would overheat. For nine hours we drove in 20 minute spurts (that's how long the car would last before overheating) mingled with 30-45 minute spurts of waiting on the side of the road for it to cool down. We think the thermostat was screwy, but in the end, the head gasket blew and that's when we gave up and sold the car for peanuts and rented a car to Boulder. During our 20 minute spurts of driving, though, all three of us were anxiously watching the temp gauge waver in the white, slowly getting warmer--toward the red, and we'd just wish and wish that it would stay in the white. To help the car stay 'cool' we blasted the heat (it was already 97 degrees outside, so with the heat blazing in the car it was near 120 degrees). We had the windows down to try to help the heat, which meant that the traffic and semi trucks whizing by were killing our eardrums as much as the buffetting wind. I wore a blanket over my head --increasing the heat, but decreasing the damage to my ears. Here are more pictures to illustrate. We were blessed with a lovely rainbow in Colorado when we finally got there.

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