January 27, 2007

Vets ranked low

Money magazine ranked being a veterinarian as 49 out of 50 "Best Jobs". The grades they gave for stress=C, flexibility=C, creativity=B, difficulty=D. And the pay you get for effort put in is way skewed. But we knew that. We vets must REALLY LOVE ANIMALS. Why else would we subject ourselves to such ridiculousness? (I often wonder...)


Lynn Green said...

That great social philosopher and fellow Oklahoman, Will Rogers, once said, "The Vet is the smartest doctor of all. When the Vet's patient is sick, the Vet can't just ask, 'What's wrong?'"

Benjamin H. said...

Of all her studies both in Israel and abroad, Pines found that the most-burned-out people were nurses working in children’s burn units—“It was too painful”—and the least were serial entrepreneurs, those metabolic wonders creating companies as if they were baking cakes.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, Alyssum, we human doctors share in that misery:

Physician grades:
Stress: D
Flexibility: D
Creativity: B
Difficulty: D


May said...

yes, but your proof that they're full of shit is that they gave 'software engineer' an A for creativity. Can you even imagine having to be a software engineer? Oh, the emotional pain. Ouch, ouch, ouch.