January 15, 2007

A little light

I thought for sure my life was just doomed to 5 years of hell being here in vet school. But enough things have changed to make me feel like maybe I only had 2.5 years of hellishness, and the rest will be tolerable with occasional moments of enjoyment. (Maybe that doesn't sound very good, but it sounds like a dream to me).
1. Classes this semester are more clinically based (read "relevant"), almost all our teachers are clinicians, and even if we won't all have to know how to read a pedigree or diagnose a rare triple-step mazurka-sounding arrhythmia, at least we are being taught these things because a REAL vet, a CLINICIAN (our professor), DOES do those things regularly. Cool.
2. Teaching bellydance is going VERY well, I have lots of excited, eager students--Yay!
3. And that translates to my financial situation being reasonable instead of completely impossible (I can afford good food! I can afford to pay off some bills!)
4. I have an A.D.D. coach who is helping me gain composure over things I generally have trouble with. Whew! (This is a big one, and fodder for an entire post someday).
5. I am taking selective credit in the Wildlife hospital which means several hours/week in the clinic, working with wildlife and very awesome people.
6. My relationship with Ben--despite our physical distance--only grows stronger with time.
7. The pressure and stress of failing is finally off my shoulders enough to feel like, though I have to work like hell just to pass x class, at least there is y class where I will do okay, and maybe even z class where I do well. The pressure of being kicked out or having to repeat another year is subsiding. I can finally start thinking about the future again a teeny bit instead of always struggling with the damned present issue of Just Getting Through.
8. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Jessamyn, my roommate, starts clinical rotations in just over a month. THAT MEANS IT'LL BE ME IN A YEAR'S TIME!!!!

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