November 12, 2006

Up a cow's butt

Guess what i did last night and today? I learned and practiced AI-ing a cow! not Avian Influenza, nor Artificial Intelligence, but Artificial Insemination. Whoo, i had no idea how friggin strong cow anus sphincters were! She cut my blood circulation off, had me pinned in there....worst massage i've ever had Ha ha ha!!! My left arm is SO sore. But it was a really exciting, interesting experience and now I know how to feel for a cow's cervix, how to direct an AI gun into it, and how to feel when it is in the exact right 5/8" space within the uterus in which to inject the semen. Maybe that sounds pretty weird, I think my standards for normal/acceptable are pretty much out the window by this point. Anyway, I had a good time. And I am now certified to artificially inseminate any cows you would like. I'm your girl.
[learning how on a fake cow butt (plywood, nylon stocking, and reproductive tract from the slaughter house).
Is that a smile? or disgust? I can't tell]

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Anonymous said...

YOU HAVE TO SHOW ME HOW TO DO THIS!!!!!!! Okay, aside from vet students, I am quite possibly one of the only seriously interested crazies in the world who need to learn how to AI a cow, from a layman's perspective.

The bull riding, remember? The stock contractors are all AI'ing cows these days, or embryo transfers. Big money, and I've been reading alot but would LOOOOOVEEEEE to learn how to do it for real.

Can't wait to see you in The County soon!!! much love, K

(ps I broke old phone, call me on 502#)