November 4, 2006

quick break

Open Mic held at school last night marked the first time I've taken some time for Me and dance this semester (I love teaching, it provides fresh air and sanity...but it's still a job. This was just for me). A few hours of preparation, watching and enjoying, performing, followed by dinner with most of the performers----it was great. A bunch of my students from the YMCA came to see me dance which was very sweet and encouraging. At the end of the open mic, Heather was playing her penny whistle, and the audience asked if she could play something I could dance to. So we tried it! It was very fun, and good to dance to live music again. The audience loved it and Heather was really excited about it too. Maybe it'll become a 'from now on' sort of thing. Fun!

(took an exam in pharmacology that morning, and have another exam on wednesday. the exams are never ending. the fun factor has to just get stuck in there somewhere!).

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tif said...

good for you, sister!
as you know, i am a zealous advocate for Treating Yourself to special enjoyment for accomplishments, or just cuz.

and you look beautiful, as always. :)