August 31, 2006

Tiger Lily Locheart

SHE'S HERE! I'm an aunt! Born Aug 20th, 8lbs 13oz, Tiger is warming our hearts with coos and big eyes like her momma. Locheart is the new last name, not Winterfrog, since Pohl+Bachert-B-P=ohlachert=>(which goes to) locheart (as an anagram). In one of these pictures, she sports a jaunty onesie with a tiger and a lily (hiding in the fold) painted by Chelsea...

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Anonymous said...


SO CUUUUUTE!!! what adorable eyes and smile!!

i love the last name creation. is that her last name only, or theirs collectively? very interesting. :)
i've pondered about these things. "last names for progressive thinkers. . "