August 26, 2006

Ten Tattoos

I've been talking about them for at least a few years now, and whilst in Boulder, my brother in law and new tattoo artist, Vinny Locheart gave me the fastest ten tattoos he's ever done! Dots at my nail beds have been something I regularly drew on myself since I was 10 or so, and to me they sort of represent the creativity that my hands help me with, along with annointing myself with "healing hands" that I am on my journey to obtain... Mostly, I think they are beautiful, and without them it seemed like something was missing.


Anonymous said...



Mick said...

well that's the coolest tatts ever, I think (as somebody not particularly fond of them in general, at least not for my own skin)

one day, I may get the only tatt I've ever considered: (in courier font) "©1965" somewhere small, like my ankle.

or not.

Anonymous said...

for a sister in law, your damn cool. i think we'll keep you